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Examiner effectiveness for teams of all sizes


For individual SLPs who fits multiple evaluations and writing into windows between therapy and meetings.

examiner / month
$150.00 billed annually
Campus or Clinic SLP
  • Up to 30 Reports Annually


For leaders to reduce their team’s workload with tools for tracking and writing great reports in less time.


150 evaluations or more

  • 150+ Reports

Plan comparison


Evaluation ListIncluded in SLP Pro
Evaluation ChecklistIncluded in SLP Pro
Evaluation ReportsIncluded in SLP Pro
Status TrackingIncluded in SLP Pro
Assign ExaminerNot included in SLP Pro
Due Date NotificationsNot included in SLP Pro
Peer ReviewNot included in SLP Pro
Digital Forms
Sharable Intake Forms (Multi-Lingual)Included in SLP Pro
Multilingual SupportIncluded in SLP Pro
Translate Billingual ResponsesNot included in SLP Pro
Gathering Information
Client IntakeIncluded in SLP Pro
Teacher IntakeIncluded in SLP Pro
Health IntakeIncluded in SLP Pro
Language ProficiencyIncluded in SLP Pro
Assessment Impressions
Behavior During TestingIncluded in SLP Pro
Languages Tested (Billingual Evaluations)Included in SLP Pro
Assessment ToolsIncluded in SLP Pro
ArticulationIncluded in SLP Pro
ReceptiveIncluded in SLP Pro
ExpressiveIncluded in SLP Pro
FluencyIncluded in SLP Pro
VoiceIncluded in SLP Pro
DeterminationsIncluded in SLP Pro
GoalsIncluded in SLP Pro
AccomodationsIncluded in SLP Pro
Evaluation ReportIncluded in SLP Pro
Insert Template/BlurbIncluded in SLP Pro
Auto-saveIncluded in SLP Pro
Template and Blurb LibraryIncluded in SLP Pro
Smart PlaceholdersIncluded in SLP Pro
ConditionalsIncluded in SLP Pro
Assessment Tool Blurbs and DescriptionsIncluded in SLP Pro
Contextual Information with Blurbs/TemplatesIncluded in SLP Pro
Invite TeamNot included in SLP Pro
Admin/User ManagementNot included in SLP Pro
ReportingNot included in SLP Pro
HIPAA (BAA upon request)Included in SLP Pro
HIPAA & FERPA ComplainceIncluded in SLP Pro
Audit Log TrailNot included in SLP Pro
Evalubox AcademyIncluded in SLP Pro
In-app ChatIncluded in SLP Pro
Email SupportIncluded in SLP Pro
Dedicated SupportNot included in SLP Pro
24/7 On-callNot included in SLP Pro


Evaluation ListIncluded in Teams
Evaluation ChecklistIncluded in Teams
Evaluation ReportsIncluded in Teams
Status TrackingIncluded in Teams
Assign ExaminerIncluded in Teams
Due Date NotificationsIncluded in Teams
Peer ReviewIncluded in Teams
Digital Forms
Sharable Intake Forms (Multi-Lingual)Included in Teams
Multilingual SupportIncluded in Teams
Translate Billingual ResponsesIncluded in Teams
Gathering Information
Client IntakeIncluded in Teams
Teacher IntakeIncluded in Teams
Health IntakeIncluded in Teams
Language ProficiencyIncluded in Teams
Assessment Impressions
Behavior During TestingIncluded in Teams
Languages Tested (Billingual Evaluations)Included in Teams
Assessment ToolsIncluded in Teams
ArticulationIncluded in Teams
ReceptiveIncluded in Teams
ExpressiveIncluded in Teams
FluencyIncluded in Teams
VoiceIncluded in Teams
DeterminationsIncluded in Teams
GoalsIncluded in Teams
AccomodationsIncluded in Teams
Evaluation ReportIncluded in Teams
Insert Template/BlurbIncluded in Teams
Auto-saveIncluded in Teams
Template and Blurb LibraryIncluded in Teams
Smart PlaceholdersIncluded in Teams
ConditionalsIncluded in Teams
Assessment Tool Blurbs and DescriptionsIncluded in Teams
Contextual Information with Blurbs/TemplatesIncluded in Teams
Invite TeamIncluded in Teams
Admin/User ManagementIncluded in Teams
ReportingIncluded in Teams
HIPAA (BAA upon request)Included in Teams
HIPAA & FERPA ComplainceIncluded in Teams
Audit Log TrailIncluded in Teams
Evalubox AcademyIncluded in Teams
In-app ChatIncluded in Teams
Email SupportIncluded in Teams
Dedicated SupportIncluded in Teams
24/7 On-callIncluded in Teams

Frequently asked questions

How will Evalubox save me time in my report writing?
Evalubox uses electronic forms that automatically integrate into your report template. No more going through a pile of intake forms, health information, and parent and teacher questionnaires to determine where to put the information in your report. When a parent or teacher completes a form (or you complete it with them) the information automatically goes to the correct section of the report. Evalubox also has forms for to include Assessment Impressions, Recommendations, and Goals that appear in your report as well.
What if the template provided by Evalubox does not meet the needs of my school?
Evalubox provides the ultimate flexibility for your templates. You can use the templates provided, modify the ones provided, or create your own from scratch.
What is an evaluation record and what is an evaluation report?
An evaluation record is any evaluation that you have initiated by entering a student's or client’s name. An evaluation is counted as a report when you enter your assessment impressions, make recommendations, or create a report.
Will I still have to have different template versions for different genders?

No, you only need one version of your template. In the intake information section you select the pronouns you want to use throughout your report for each student.

Once I create a report, am I able to edit any of the information in the report that is generated?

Yes, the report that is generated is fully editable.

Can I have more than one template in Evalubox?

Yes, for example, many of us have different templates for different ages. After entering your child’s information, you choose the template you want to use.

Can we have all of the evaluations for our district on one system or does each SLP have a separate system?

You can do it either way. Individual SLPs can have their own account or a district can have an account with all evaluations in one place. The system can be set so that SLPs see only the evaluations that have been assigned to them and administrators can see all of the evaluations.

What if I don’t have all of the information I need in my forms but I want to go ahead and get started on my report?

You can go ahead and get started on your report. Any fields that do not have information in them will appear in the generated report as a yellow placeholder with the field name inside of it. If you are waiting on specific information, you will want to leave the placeholder there. If you do not need the information in your report, simply delete the placeholder. Once you do put the information in your forms and want to add it to your report, just click Update Report and the new information in the forms will appear in your report.

What if I finalize a report in PDF format and then someone asks me to change something. Can I do that?

Yes, you can always go back and change things. Once you do, you just need to generate a new PDF after you’ve made your changes.

Can I bring my existing templates into Evalubox?

Yes, you can copy and paste your template into Evalubox and then add your place holders. For example, if you used to use Find and Replace for Student, Teacher, and pronouns, you simply highlight the word you want to replace with a placeholder, then use the dropdown menus to find and click on the placeholder you want to use. The dropdown menu categories include: Evaluation, Student, Examiner, Parent Report, Teacher Report, Health, Assessment Tools, Language Exposure, Impressions after assessment, and Recommendations. Evalubox makes creating and using existing templates easy.

What do I do if I need help?
We provide customer support in multiple ways. We offer regular virtual meeting calls where you can join us to get questions answered or just learn more about the things you can accomplish in Evalubox. We do webinars to teach you more about the tool. We also have an in-app chat feature for when you encounter a question in the middle of an evaluation. And, you can always send us an email. We deeply value customer feedback and prioritize your requests in our roadmap.
How is Evalubox compliant with HIPAA and FERPA requirements?

The Evalubox system was designed with end-to-end encryption, password protection, and automatic logout when idle to comply with HIPAA and FERPA standards. For our customers that are HIPAA-covered entities, we maintain HIPAA-compliant business associate agreements. For our customers and service providers in the schools, we are subject to laws specific to students, such as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. We designed a high security system to keep patient and client information safe. Learn more about Learn more about how we protect the privacy of student evaluation records.