Write Comprehensive Speech Language Reports in a Fraction of the Time!

  • Organize all of your reports in one dashboard and easily see which pieces you have completed
  • Gather parent, teacher, and health information with digital forms that automatically enter responses into your report
  • Add standardized testing results and impressions to automatically generated tables, charts, and paragraphs
  • Choose from a library of report templates (and) paragraphs
  • Generate S.M.A.R.T. goals and recommendations with the click of a button

Stress-Free Report Writing is JustThree Steps Away

1. Quickly Gather Background Information

Never has there been a faster, more accurate way to get the information you need to complete your report on time.

Parents, teachers, and nurses are texted or emailed a link. They fill out a questionnaire, and their responses are incorporated directly into your report.

2. Efficiently Organize and Enter Your Testing Results

Evalubox has a step-by-step process to organize the results of standardized testing into tables, enter your diagnostic impressions, and choose goals.

Even for communication areas that were not tested, Evalubox generates text explaining that there was no initial concern. Every area is addressed.

3. Create Your Report

Background information and assessment impressions are automatically integrated into report templates with the click of a button.

Flexibility is key! Use our universal template or add your own. Then, add disorder-specific text from our assessment paragraph library.

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Save time that could be better spent on more important tasks

Which one are you?

Campus or Clinic SLP

For individual SLPs who fit multiple evaluations and writing into windows between therapy and meetings.

Power Evaluator

For evaluating SLPs who spend the majority of their work week conducting assessments.

SLP Team Lead

For leaders to reduce their team’s workload with tools for tracking and writing great reports in less time.

When you're crunched for time, analyzing and writing a comprehensive report can seem overwhelming!

You've tried Word and Google Docs but you end up spending the little time you have manually re-entering information, copy/pasting, and doing find/replace.

You're shuffling through multiple files/docs/papers to find the information you need to analyze your results so that you can make a diagnostic decision, but putting all that information into a cohesive report can be slow and frustrating.

You've tried using previous reports (male, female versions) as templates, but they can lead to unintended mistakes like incorrect names, pronouns, and information from previous reports.

What Other Professionals Are Saying


Evalubox has been an excellent guide for me as an SLP that is new to school-based evaluations. Coming from a clinic setting, I was a bit nervous about making sure all necessary information was included in an organized way in my reports.

This tool has been very helpful in completing thorough, organized evaluations in a reasonable amount of time.

Lauren Hudgins
Speech Language Pathologist

I wish I had it 5 years ago

This tool is so helpful. Entering the information is simple with the easy-to-use platform, and it saves a lot of time and helps you create a beautiful report.

I wish I had it 5 years ago. Would recommend to anyone!

Falls County Education Cooperative

Smart Templates - without copy & paste or find & replace.

When you or (parent, teacher, or nurse) enters data through a questionnaire, Evalubox will automatically place the data into an editable document for you.

Turn your commonly used documents (word, google docs) - such as evaluation reports, templates, blurbs -- into smart templates.

Create a smart template document

Start a new document or use one of our built in templates we have created after 20+ years of writing evaluations - The Universal Template which has been field tested in 54 districts. It’s accurate, concise, and beautifully describes communication. It’s yours to use inside Evalubox.

Add form fields in document

Smart templates gives you a place to where you link all the form fields to a document, so that when someone fills out form or questionnaire, that content will be replaced in the document. This gives you a way to personalize every report without the need to find/replace names or pronouns, copy info from other documents/pdf into your report.

Create report narrative from a template

When a you (parent, teacher, nurse) enters data through a questionnaire or form, Evalubox will automatically place the data into a document without needing to replicate, copy/paste, find/replace from multiple sources. Giving you a personalized narrative for every evaluation.

Keep important records safe

Evalubox is HIPAA compliant and FERPA compliant. HIPAA regulations (The HIPAA Privacy Rule) requires that Covered Entities sign an agreement with their Business Associates. Evalubox will sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) for all customers.

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