Welcome to Evalubox.

We are a team of speech-language pathologists, parents of children with special needs, evaluators and engineers. We have seen first hand what it is like to not have the services you need as a person with a disability. We also know first hand how difficult it can be to deliver evaluations and services.

Our Team

We are a team of speech language pathologists, parents of children with special needs, evaluators and engineers. We are located in Atlanta, Austin, and Sydney.

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    Aleksandar Tomic

    Sydney, Australia

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    Dr. Ellen Kester

    Texas, USA

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    Muhamed Sidibeh

    Georgia, USA

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    Scott Prath

    Texas, USA

Unlocking potential for people with disabilities.

Our mission is to empower the special education ecosystem with unified technology that enables service providers, parents, educators, and administrators to deliver the best education to students with disabilities, allowing them to realize their potential, in their way.

Focused on collaboration
We choose to work on problems together rather than apart. We take the time to ensure everyone has the context required to contribute.
Driven by customer compassion
We take the time to deeply understand our community's problems. We don't build things simply because we want to. We are focused on creating an excellent experience for the end user.
Optimized for Speech-Language Pathologists
Walking in our customers' shoes and learning from each interaction to better serve speech-language pathologists is what drives us at Evalubox. We are always open to new ideas.
Conscious of community
We consider our impact on the wider ecosystem and do our best for diversity, inclusion and equity. Our product was born from a community of bilingual speech-language pathologists, so we consider ourselves part of a broad community serving diverse students and clients.

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