Unlocking potential for people with disabilities.

Our mission is to empower the special education ecosystem with unified technology that enables service providers, parents, educators, and administrators to deliver the best education to students with disabilities, allowing them to realize their potential, in their way.

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Potential of technology to reduce workload

Demand for special education services are growing every year as the shortage of service providers worsens. 1 2

The impact is that school districts, evaluation teams, and Speech-Language pathologist have too much work on their plates. 3 4

As a result, students are missing services leading to more workloads and caseloads. 5 6

By helping each evaluation team member gather information faster, organize testing, and reduce writing time, the students, parents, educators, and everyone involved in the process benefits.

Over 20 years of Bilingual Evaluations.

The critical shortage of speech language pathologists in the United States has left us with a lot of work on our plates. As a team of speech language pathologists who write dozens of reports each year, we needed a way to be faster, more efficient, and just as accurate, even when the child is bilingual. We have been working on small solutions for over 10 years and have pulled them all together for you in Evalubox.

Writing Evaluations.

A part of our jobs that requires a lot of time and organization.

Mail Merge

We’ve tried a lot of ways to shave time off of the process.

  1. We have created templates and report blurbs.

  2. We’ve tried mail merge to pull information from a spreadsheet into a word document.

  3. We’ve standardized our evaluation process to streamline our work.

This helped a lot but when we tried to share the approach with others, it worked for some and not for others depending on whether you used a PC or Mac and on the version and type software you used. It wasn’t an approach that our whole team could use successfully.

There had to be a better way.

That's when we realized there had to be a better way. We met Mo and Alex, the founders of Speech Therapy A.I. and asked them,"Can you help us improve the evaluation process?" That's how Evalubox was born. With a combined mission to unlock potential for people with disabilities around the world, we are starting by giving time back to those who deliver these services. Together, we created Evalubox, an incredibly powerful and versatile tool for writing evaluation reports.

Dr. Ellen Kester

Built to support bilingual and monolingual evaluators.

As a bilingual SLP and researcher in the city of Austin Texas, we see a lot of bilingual children. We built this tool to support bilingual evaluators, as well as monolingual evaluators. We also created an academy to show you step-by-step how to use Evalubox. You’ll find tools, tips and resources inside of the academy. And we’re here if you want to jump on a call with us too. We hope Evalubox makes your workload less of a burden and brings joy into your work.

Dr. Ellen Kester, Founder of Bilinguistics.


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