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How to Streamline Evaluation Report Writing for Speech Language Pathologists in School Based Settings

By Aleksandar TomicAugust 18th, 2023
DigiForms by Evalubox
Evalubox helps school-based SLPs write evaluation reports faster and with more accuracy.

As a speech language pathologist (SLP) working in a school setting, you know how important it is to provide high-quality evaluation reports for your students. However, you also know how time-consuming and challenging it can be to write these reports, especially when you have to deal with multiple referrals, diverse caseloads, complex assessments, and various service delivery models. You may find yourself spending hours on writing, editing, and formatting your reports, while juggling other responsibilities such as therapy, collaboration, documentation, and professional development.

Fortunately, there is a solution that can help you streamline your evaluation report writing process and save you time and effort. Evalubox is an evaluation writing program for speech pathologists that integrates referral information, test scores, diagnostic decisions, templates, and goals into a report with a click of a button. Evalubox is designed to help you produce error-free reports that are thorough, organized, and evidence-based.

Here are some of the features and benefits of using Evalubox for your evaluation report writing:

  • Multi-lingual digital intake forms: You can share digital questionnaires in English or Spanish with parents, teachers, and school nurses to collect only the pertinent information you need for your evaluation. You enter the information once and it inserts it into the template in the correct places. Check out the video of what a Parent Intake Form in Spanish looks like.
  • Language proficiency estimate: Evalubox automatically calculates the language exposure of your student to help you plan your assessment and determine the appropriate language(s) for testing and intervention.
  • Testing impressions: You can easily capture your testing impressions while they are fresh in your mind and have them automatically populated into your report. You can also add notes and observations from informal assessments or dynamic assessment procedures.
  • Smart templates: You can use your existing template or select one of the pre-designed templates from Evalubox to automatically populate your report with your intake and testing data with one click. The templates are aligned with the best practice principles and professional standards of speech pathology in education.
Create your own custom reports or use the reports provided by Evalubox.
  • Interactive goal bank: You can access goals in English and Spanish that instantly meet the S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) criteria by adding effort (e.g., minimal) and opportunity (e.g., 70%) requirements. You can also customize the goals to suit the individual needs of your student.
  • Editable document: Just like with Google Docs or Microsoft Word, you can edit, save, and export your evaluation reports online without downloading them into a separate word file. You can seamlessly add intake information, tests scores, goals, recommendations, templates, and blurbs directly into your report, saving you time. You can also conduct peer reviews, ensuring accuracy before exporting your report as a pdf to add to your organization’s system.
Use Custom Templates for your Speech Language Reports

By using Evalubox for your evaluation report writing, you can slash the amount of time spent writing, produce error-free reports, save and organize all your paragraphs and templates in one place, and focus more on providing quality services to your students.

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